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So you want to rank first on Google? If you’re like most attorneys, you probably assume that your website will pop up first on the search engine results pages, also called SERPs, when a referral Googles you. It’s your unique name, after all! But in most cases, it’s simply not true. 

Ranking first for your name requires strategy. The reality is that other lawyers could be bidding on your name and stealing the top spot with their ads. Directories might be popping up ahead of your firm’s actual website. Your website might be so new or so bare-bones that Google has not yet deemed it worthy of a spot on the SERP.

Good news: We’re about to unveil how to rank first for your name and claim that coveted top spot on Google by harnessing the power of smart website design and on-site optimization.  

Optimize your About page

Your “About” page isn’t just a chronicle—it’s your first chance to bond with potential clients. And it’s highly relevant to your search ranking.

Use this page to create a powerful, memorable moment that makes visitors feel like they’re getting to know you before they even step foot in your office.

Embrace the spotlight: Your educational achievements and professional milestones are the foundation of credibility (which matters to Google). So blend these items seamlessly into your bio, infusing your personality to create a relatable narrative. Avoid jargon and showcase the milestones that make you stand out.

Best face forward: Your headshot is your initial introduction. A confident, approachable image can help potential clients envision a productive collaboration. This should be a professional photograph that inspires familiarity and trust. 

Remember to use your name throughout the About page. 

Don’t forget to give some love to your homepage! It’s the virtual handshake of your website. Tailor it for impact, with concise intros, attention-grabbing headlines, and visuals that convey professionalism.

IMPACT: When a user searches for your name, Google will assess the relevance and credibility of your website’s content. Crafting an engaging story with your name, legal journey, achievements, and a professional photo will boost your online presence and authority in search results. 

Showcase your unique expertise with valuable content 

Pay attention here, because content is the secret sauce for impressing Google and ranking highly:

  1. It signals your authority in the field.
  2. It increases user engagement.
  3. It answers user intent.

To rank highly, you need to earn Google’s praise by showcasing your expertise and delivering real value to online visitors. 

It’s not enough to just sprinkle your name throughout your website. Anyone can do that, and what value does that actually provide? You need to publish content regularly to show search engines that your website is active and relevant.

Great content can help you deliver on authority, engagement, and intent.

Authority: Create insightful content such as informative articles, podcasts, and engaging videos to establish your authority in your field. Showcase your unique expertise so you come across as an expert. Each blog post creates a new avenue for your name to appear on Google’s search results, strengthening your online presence.

Engagement: Snag a user’s attention and do your absolute best to keep it. Pick a compelling and keyword-rich title that alludes to your strengths, like “Navigating Complex Family Law Cases: Expert Insights” if you’re a family lawyer. Provide high-quality information with images and infographics (including proper alt tags for accessibility and improved search engine visibility) to help break up text and maintain interest.

Intent: Answer the real intent behind your visitors’ inquiries. They could be looking for information, a transaction, or something local. The better you can understand and answer your users’ search intent, the better Google will rank you.

Embrace linking: external links and internal links

Linking threads together the fabric of your online influence. 

External links knit together your content with trusted outside sources. External sources act like references in a recommendation letter, strengthening your digital resume. 

Online profiles fit into this category: legal directories, association websites, and your social media profiles such as LinkedIn. Ensure that your name, contact information, and practice areas are consistent across all profiles. Google often pulls information from these profiles to populate search results.

Pro Tip: Optimize external profiles with relevant keywords and a professional headshot. Regularly post and engage with content that highlights your legal insights and accomplishments. Social media profiles often rank well in search results, boosting your online presence.

Internal links connect the areas of your website, weaving a map that guides visitors and search engines. More internal links tell Google that your site has a lot to offer—and you’ll rank higher.

IMPACT: When someone searches for your name and your website has strong external and internal links, Google not only recognizes your website as a comprehensive source of information but also as an organized and valuable one. This positive user experience boosts your credibility, ultimately contributing to a higher ranking in search results for your name.

Final words

You’re the first of your name—and you want to rank first for your name on Google.

Steady, smart effort with on-site optimization can get you there. 

Start with a great website layout that’s specifically designed for an attorney’s business. Then, fill the site with useful content and freely discuss your own accomplishments and skills. Weave your site into the fabric of the Internet with external links, and watch your online authority skyrocket. 

Forge your digital legacy, one smart digital step at a time.

About the Author
The team at OneFirst Legal has built websites for thousands of law firms across the United States. Fueled by data and whole lot of creativity, OneFirst helps law firms make a powerful first impression online with websites that convert visitors into clients.