Website Design for Law Firms

Backed by data and loads of experience, OneFirst Legal websites are sophisticated, refined and designed to convert. (They’re also ADA compliant and built with the Rules of Professional Conduct in mind—we value ethical marketing, always.) 

With OneFirst’s proven blueprint model, you’ll benefit from an efficient design process and a modern website without breaking the bank. 


Elements of form, color, line, tone, and texture coalescence in Abstract, a website design with expressive visuals and modern engineering. A striking header design and plenty of photos will distinguish your law firm in the eyes of prospective clients. But appearance isn’t all this layout has going for it. Readability, intuitive navigation, accessibility and mobile responsiveness optimize the experience for your site visitors.

Example Designs
Mancy & Sterling


Lay all your cards on the table with Deck, an approachable website design that prioritizes engaging features and information. Increase your chances of winning over clients with appealing calls to action (in the form of buttons and other interactive elements) and a distinctive design that’s anything but standard.

Example Designs
Radsen Firm


At its core, Dots is a layout that embraces visual simplicity for a clean, uncluttered look and feel. Created for attorneys with a minimalistic aesthetic, this is our solution with the least amount of copy and the most amount of white space for conveying your points quickly. This layout comes with all the webpages and fundamental features you need to spotlight your services.

Example Designs
J. Bourne Law


If your style is more minimal and elegant, look no further than Clover. Here’s a layout that uses white space effectively, simple fonts and a neat design. The longer homepage design translates well to mobile devices and promotes an immersive experience best for lengthier content or an overview of an entire practice. Clover can grow with your firm when you need to add team member and practice area pages down the road. This website design will be your good luck charm.

Example Designs
The Law Office of Clara Ferman


The Ludwig layout gets its name from German origins and means “famous warrior.” For the professional who fights for the innocent, this website design will give you a powerful online presence and a classic look. Colors and imagery can still be customized and all the noteworthy sections are there. Demonstrate your strengths and expertise with a website designed to make it easier for site visitors to navigate and find the information they need.

Example Designs
Atkins Law Michael R. Banks, P.A Alan W. Clark & Associates Tonka Jeffe Dons


Dark Mode’s popularity surge in website design is more than a trend. It replaces a traditionally bright design with shades of black for a more comfortable browsing experience. Meet our new dark-themed layout, Obsidian, for legal websites. Obsidian is an elegant design with special features such as vertical main site navigation, animated effects and content sections that will inspire site visitors to go deeper. 

Example Designs
Law Office of Many & LoCoco Law Offices of Keith Codron Popsen Fitz